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    SubjectRe: Is initrd working?
    On 2002-10-13 at 9:45:38, Witek Krecicki wrote:
    >I was trying to run initrd on 2.5.41, 2.5.42, 2.5.42-mm{1,2}, 2.5.42-ac1
    >and it is not working in any case (oopsing just after RAMDISK: Compressed
    >image found...). I've sent decoded oops some time ago, without any
    >response. I cannot even try modular IDE because of that :/
    >Please help

    Make sure you are not running CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G. I believe there
    is some kind of memory corruption problem under highmem=64g on x86 with
    big ramdisks. I use a ~900kB initial ramdisk that expands to ~2.2MB.

    With CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G or CONFIG_NOHIGHMEM, the problem disappears
    for me. I am writing this email under 2.5.41 with CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G and
    IDE as a module (with a patch that I posted to lkml).

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