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SubjectRe: Linux v2.5.42
On Sun, 2002-10-13 at 12:11, Brian Jackson wrote:

> Good for you. Most people can't/won't wait for it. They will see that
> linux doesn't have a key feature for enterprises, and say that linux
> still isn't mature enough for them and at best only use linux on some
> dinky little webservers, like it has been used in the past. There
> isn't a whole lot of that market left. If we want to move forward and
> offer something to a broader base of companies, we need features like
> this included.

s/Most people/Most enterprise people/

And this is really entirely the wrong attitude to take. "Linux does not
have volume management" and "High-end Linux applications need volume
management" do not logically imply "we need to merge EVMS."

You need to fix the issues Christoph and others raised and you need to
work within the system. I won't cry if EVMS is not merged.

Robert Love

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