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SubjectRe: Linux v2.5.42
Linus Torvalds wrote:

> PS: NOTE - I'm not going to merge either EVMS or LVM2 right now as things
> stand. I'm not using any kind of volume management personally, so I just
> don't have the background or inclination to walk through the patches and
> make that kind of decision. My non-scientific opinion is that it looks
> like the EVMS code is going to be merged, but ..
> Alan, Jens, Christoph, others - this is going to be an area where I need
> input from people I know, and preferably also help merging. I've been
> happy to see the EVMS patches being discussed on linux-kernel, and I just
> wanted to let people know that this needs outside help.

I support a SAP system (so far on solaris) at work. I make extensive use
of a volume manager there. On linux I have tried both LVM1 and EVMS. I
stopped using LVM1 the thrid time it caused me to restore after a clean
boot... This problem may well have been fixed in LVM2 - I have not used it.
On the other had EVMS has never scrambled my disks. It also offers more
options, including an encapsulated LVM1. From my perspective EVMS wins.

Ed Tomlinson
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