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    SubjectHow does ide-scsi get loaded?
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    Please cc me on replies as I am not subscribed to the list.

    I am running a standard debian 2.4.19-k7 kernel on a configuration that has an
    ide dvd rom drive and a scsi cd writer.

    Sometime during boot sequence (I can't find where in any log or dmesg - but
    looking at the text flying by - soon after the scsi adapter is found and the
    bus is being scanned for scsi devices) the module ide-scsi gets loaded.

    The problem is, I don't want it loaded because it prevents mplayer playing my

    I initially assumed it was something in the debian start up that caused it but

    a) asking on the debian-user mailing list has not elicited any useful reponse
    b) grep -r ide-scsi /etc throws up nothing (ie there is not reference to
    ide-scsi in modules or modules.conf or any initialisation sequence doing a
    modprobe ide-scsi)
    c) scanning all through the initrd.img (loaded through the loop device) does
    not show any reference to ide-scsi either (although grep finds the sequence
    in bin/mount and then hangs locking my keyboard)
    d) modules.dep only shows ide-scsi needing other modules (ide-mod, scsi-mod)
    not the other way round.

    I am stuck, where can I look next?

    [and I know I could just do a rmmod at the end of the start up sequence but
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    Alan Chandler
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