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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE, TRIVIAL, RFC] Linux source strip/bundle script
> 2. When trashing the source like this you may as well remove
> trailing whitespace (reduces kernel by 200K after compression).

I do not modify the source code files themselves. I simply 'prune' the tree,
creating 'dummy' and Makefiles as requred to prevent things from
breaking too much. The only file that I edit in any way is the in
arch/i386 to change the scsi enabled default from y to n. This was so that
people who don't download the scsi 'module' don't run into problems with
compile failing. I will be making a few patches to the source tree for the files to make this and other relted things less likely to happen.

> 3. What's the difference in size between 2.4.19.tar.bz2 and
> 2.4.19-bastardized.tar.bz2 ?

Size of some of the packages that I have done with this script:

linux-2.4.19-base.tar.bz2 - 11 MB
linux-2.4.19-scsi.tar.bz2 - 2.5 MB
There are currently 15 other 'modules', not listed here

> 4. Is this just for (a) removing redundant code after installation or
> (b) providing subset version(s) for download.

This will provide a subset for download. Due to not having the ability to
host, it may be applied to the full code after download for testing purposes.

> 5. If 4(a) wouldn't you need to parse the .config to find the appropriate
> bits to remove?

I prune the tree at the directory level. If I do not want/need irda support,
I wipe out the irda directory, recreate it with a dummy Makefile and file so the make menuconfig script doesn't break, and the kernel
will compile. This results in less savings, but in higher stability/
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