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    Subjectswsusp 2.4.18 vs 2.5.40
    Brian Litzinger writes:

    >[swsusp in 2.4.18 works pretty well but...]

    Pavel Machek <> writes:

    >Yep, swsusp is not really meant to work in 2.4.X. Get latest 2.5.X...
    >and add IDE patches so it does not eat your disk...

    Ok, I've compiled and tried 2.5.40.

    Zip. Nada. swsusp doesn't show up at all. If I compile with SMP
    turned on I get a message about swsusp being incompatible with
    SMP. Running UP it doesn't show up in the boot log, though it
    looks to be compiled.

    It also doesn't show in the SysRq help list.

    echo'ing things to /proc/acpi/sleep does nothing.

    Brian Litzinger
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