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    SubjectRe: sl82c105 and icside.c
    On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 20:25, Russell King wrote:
    > I'd prefer these drivers to lag behind and I'll pick up the changes OR
    > copy me on the changes to these files please. I don't mind which.

    Its much harder for me not to propogate stuff to one specific driver.
    I'd much rather you simply ignored the new driver if this is a problem
    then resync when ready.

    > For the present, I've now got to work out exactly what changed between
    > .34 and .40 and apply those changes to some completely different versions
    > of these drivers.

    Your best bet is probably to look at the diff between 2.4.19 and
    2.4.20pre8-ac in terms of changes to the drivers themselves. The file
    moving means you want to diff the two by hand but the changes should be
    clear enough. If not drop me a note

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