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SubjectRe: initramfs programs (was [RFC] klibc requirements)
Patrick Mochel <>:
> On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> > greg k-h:
> > >What does everyone else need/want there?
> >
> > dmidecode, so the init script can dump a DMI report in a known
> > location such as /var/run/dmi.
> Why do you need that during that stage of the boot process? The DMI tables
> won't go away.

I know. My proposal to put dmidecode in initramfs is an alternative to
/proc/dmi, one which won't involve having dmidecode run in kernelspace.

The underlying problem is that dmidecode needs access to kmem, and I can't
assume that the person running my configurator will be root.
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