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SubjectRe: [patch] O(1) scheduler, -D1, 2.5.2-pre9, 2.4.17

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Not a way in hell should "nice 19" cause the throughput to improve
> like that. It looks like this is a result of "nice 19" simply doing
> _different_ scheduling, possibly more batch-like, and as such those
> numbers cannot sanely be compared to anything else.

yes, this is what happens. The difference is that the load estimator
'punishes' tasks to have lower priority, while the recalc-based method
gives a 'bonus'. If run with nice +19 then the process cannot be punished
anymore, all the tasks will run on the same priority level - and none can
cause a preemption of the other one. The priority limit is set right at
the nice +19 level.

is this an intended thing with nice +19 tasks? I think so, at least for
some usages. It could be fixed by adding some more priority space (+13
levels) they could explore into (but which couldnt be set as the default
priority). So by having a ceiling it really behaves differently, very
batch-like - but that's what such benchmarks are asking for anyway ... I
think it's an intended effect for CPU hogs as well - we do not want them
to preempt each other, they should each use up their timeslices fully and
roundrobin nicely.

> (And if they _are_ comparable, then you should be able to get the good
> numbers even without "nice 19". Quite frankly it sounds to me like the
> whole chat benchmark is another "dbench", ie doing unbalanced
> scheduling _helps_ it performance-wise, which implies that it's
> probably a bad benchmark to look at numbers for).

yes, agreed. It's not really unbalanced scheduling, the scheduler is still
fair. What doesnt happen is priority based preemption.

i think it could be a bonus to have such a scheduler mode - people dont
run shells at +19 niceness level, it's the known CPU hogs that get started
up with nice +19. It's a kind of SCHED_IDLE - everything can preempt it
and it will preempt nothing, without the priority inheritance problems of


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