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SubjectRe: eepro (82595) question
> I have two 82595FX Ethernet ISA cards. I can load eepro module with
> autodetect=1, irq and io are detected correctly, then I can ifconfig eth0 up,
> but card no works at all (I can ping it, but can't ping something else). I
> tried that card in Win98 - works with "Intel 82595" driver. So I downloaded
> "e10disk.exe" with DOS utils. With softset2.exe I changed irq to 10 and io to
> 0x300. I booted Linux-2.2.19 and loaded eepro, detected again, and now it
> works! But I need to put two cards in one system, so I must find another
> working irq/io. My question is why it doesn't work with many irq/io settings?
> I tried 5 times. Only irq=10, io=0x300 works correctly (on 3 different
> computers). Of course I checked /proc/interrupts and /proc/ioports for
> conflicts. Is it possible that driver is broken? I searched
> and found few posts from people with similiar problem, maybe they couldn't find
> correct softset2.exe and correct irq/io settings?
2.2.19 and 2.2.20 drivers are broken. check for 0.13 version of driver

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