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    SubjectRe: [RFC] klibc requirements
    Thus spake Greg KH (
    > > > - portable, runs on all platforms that the kernel currently
    > > > works on, but doesn't have to run on any non-Linux based OS.
    > You didn't address this. What are the future plans of porting dietLibc
    > to the platforms that are not currently supported by it (but are by
    > Linux)?

    We will attempt to port the diet libc to every Linux platform that we
    have access to. I won't go out and buy hardware to port my software to,
    so if anyone needs the diet libc ported somewhere, I need an account on
    a test box somewhere.

    We are currently missing sh-linux, ia64-linux and m68k-linux and
    probably a few architectures that I have never heard of ;)

    > It was sent and received on the dietlibc mailing list on Jan 04, 2001.
    > It looks like the mailing list archive for the mailing list doesn't have
    > any messages for Jan, 2001, otherwise I would point you at it. I can
    > forward it to you offline if you want me to.

    Please do so!

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