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SubjectRe: CONFIG_HIMEM instability?
Anthony DeRobertis wrote:

>> Unfortunately memtest86 is incompatible with this mobo, but the memory
>> checks out on another machine I tried it on, so I expect it's OK.

I've had no other instablility problems, and downgrading gkrellm to the
previous version seems to have stopped it dying. Mozilla started being
very unstable at the same time.. it could just be a coincidence that
they all happened at the same time.

> I've had DIMMs not get along. So have other people. This little tester
> seems to find that fairly well, stunningly --- even when Memtest86 can't
> find them at all. It found mine in about 30min (512mb box); another
> persons in an hour or two.

I'll run it & see if anything fails.

> PS: You did report the failure to the memtest86 people, right?

Their website says not to report bugs unless you're prepared to do a
fair bit of debugging yourself. It also says individual problems won't
normally be dealt with... I took the hint and didn't bother.


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