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    SubjectRe: fs corruption recovery?
    Andreas Dilger writes:
    > On Jan 08, 2002 21:52 -0500, Kervin Pierre wrote:
    > > I install and used 2.4.17 for about a week before my filesystem
    > > corrupted. I've tried 'fsck -a' but it complains that there was no
    > > valid superblock found.
    > Try "e2fsck -B 4096 -b 32768 <device>" instead.
    > > Are there any tools or techniques that will recover data from the
    > > corrupted filesystem even if there isn't a valid superblock? Or is
    > > there a way to write a temporary superblock so I can access the
    > > information on the disk?
    > The ext2 format (includes ext3) has backup superblocks for just this reason.
    > > Lastly, if all else fails I'm going to try sending the drive one of
    > > those 'file recovery companies'. Does anyone have a recommendation for
    > > a particular company? I'm guessing that there'll be a few that wouldn't
    > > know what to do with a ext3 partition.
    > Is the data really that valuable, and you don't have a backup? It may
    > cost you several thousand dollars to do a recovery from such a company.
    > Yet, it isn't worth doing backups, it appears.

    And these companies don't really do much that you can't do yourself. I
    had a failing drive some years ago, where some sectors couldn't be
    read. So I tried to dd the raw device to a file elsewhere. Of course,
    dd will quit when it has an I/O error. So I wrote a recovery utility
    that writes a zero sector if reading the input sector gives an I/O
    error. Unfortunately, I couldn't mount the file (too much corruption),
    but I was able to use debugfs on it. I got the most important data

    While I was waiting for 48 hours for the data to be pulled off (each
    time a bad sector was encountered, the drive would retry several
    times, with lots of clicking and rattling), I contacted one of these
    recovery companies. I wanted to know if they could recover the bad
    sectors. I was told no. After some probing, it turns out that all they
    do is basically what I was doing. They just charge $2000 for it.

    No doubt if you took your drive to your local CIA/KGB/MI6 offices,
    they could recover some of those bad sectors. But I hear they charge
    their customers quite a lot...


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