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SubjectRe: __FUNCTION__
David Weinehall wrote:
> ...
> > Since the C99 spec does not state anything about __FUNCTION__, changing
> > it from the current behavior does not seem like a wise thing to do.
> >
> > Any pointers to someone to complain to, or is there no chance for
> > reversal?
> Because the want people to stop using a gcc-specific way and start
> using the C99-mandated way instead?! Very sane imho.

They shouldn't take a GNU extension which has been offered
for ten years and suddenly revert it, or unoptionally spit a
warning. But they keep on doing this.

I've had large codebases which compiled just fine five years ago.
But with a current compiler, same codebase produces an *enormous*
number of warnings. There's no switch to turn them off and going
in and changing the code is clearly not an option. The only options
are to:

1: Not use the newer compiler

2: Grotty sed script to gobble the warnings

3: Fix the compiler.

I've done all three :(

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