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Subject2.2.20 vs 2.4.17 on 486 server
I have simple 486 server with: 
- 2 ISA ethernet cards (eepro.o)
- ppp connection to Internet
I installed 2.4.17 (then 2.4.18-pre2) there, and discovered, that two connected
workstations has very bad Internet connection (for example it was impossible to
watch huge www pages or download pictures, edonkey/kza transfers were small).
So i tested:
- WWW speed on server -> OK (every page opens without problems)
- scp transfer between server and workstations -> OK (more than 100KB/s)
There is squid installed on my server. But even if I used it on workstation -
WWW still works bad! Looks like something was really bad with MASQ. But
everything was OK on much faster (k6-2 500) system.

So I installed 2.2.20 - and all problems disappeared!

I am almost sure I compiled similiar stuff to every kernel, there was exactly
the same ipchains rules and route. How can I check what was bad with 2.4.x ?

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