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SubjectRe: [2.4.17/18pre] VM and swap - it's really unusable
On Tuesdayen den 8 January 2002 21.13, Alan Cox wrote:
> > low-latency kernel". Now, IF we can come to this decision, then
> > internal preemption is the way to do it. But it affects ALL kernel
> The pre-empt patches just make things much much harder to debug. They
> remove some of the predictability and the normal call chain following
> goes out of the window because you end up seeing crashes in a thread with
> no idea what ran the microsecond before
> Some of that happens now but this makes it vastly worse.
> The low latency patches don't change the basic predictability and
> debuggability but allow you to hit a 1mS pre-empt target for the general
> case.

Yes, it does make things much much harder to debug - but:
* If you get a problem on a preemtive UP kernel, it is likely to be a problem
on a SMP too - and those are hard to debug aswell. But the positive aspect
is that you get more people that can do the debugging... :-)
(One CPU gets delayed with handling a IRQ the other runs into the critical
* It is optional at compile time.
And could even be made run time optional / CPU ! Just set a too big value
on the counter and it will never reschedule...


Roger Larsson
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