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SubjectRe: Serial Driver Name Question (kernels 2.4.x)

Andrew Morton wrote:
> Well, with the scheme I proposed most drivers won't need the
> ifdef. It'll just be:
> = "cua";
> With devfs enabled that expands to cua/42. Without devfs it expands
> to cua42.

Check my previous msg. Actually that won't work for other drivers
other than serial.c, that's why we should use the scheme I suggested
on that msg.

Hmmmm, I just thought about something that might be a problem with
this change. I believe Richard Gooch is the right person to tell us
whether this is a problem or not.

We're just talking about print msgs in tty_io.c (and the scheme I
suggested -- i.e. to use 'tts/X' for devfs and 'ttyX' for non-devfs
and have "%s%d" in tty_io.c's printk call -- does cover all driver in
that aspect), but I'm not sure whether devfs uses the
definition for something else. If that's the case, then devfs would
need to be updated as well to comply with the new

Richard, is this a problem or not?!?!

Ivan Passos -o)
Integration Manager, Cyclades - /\\
Project Leader, NetLinOS - _\_V
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