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Subject[PATCH] generic HDLC update for 2.5.2 - please apply

The attached file updates 2.5 generic HDLC, please apply.

The patch includes:
- new SIOCDEVICE ioctl for setting all protocol and hardware parameters
of (HDLC) network devices, instead of using PRIVATE netdev ioctls,
- the HDLC code is now split into hdlc_generic.c, hdlc_fr.c,
hdlc_cisco.c etc. files,
- all protocol parameters (timeouts etc.) are (should/aim) now configurable
via SIOCDEVICE ioctl,
- other updates and bugfixes,
- farsync update from Bob Dunlop.

The patch should apply cleanly to 2.4.17, and I expect it backported
to 2.4 (and possibly 2.2) when all drivers using it are ready.

There is binary and source incompatibility with 2.4 kernel code
- users require new sethdlc utility.

This patch prevents dscc4 driver from compiling, I assume it will be
updated shortly as well.

Thank you.
Krzysztof Halasa
Network Administrator
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