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Assorted fixes, updates & Merges.
Note, a few people sent me patches to 'merge pre8/pre9'.
Whilst I appreciate the effort, I'd rather do this myself, to get
a better idea of what I'm merging/need to drop. Thanks all the same.
(I've put out this 'resync' patch, just to stop people sending me
these, when I'd already done it 8-)

Patch against 2.5.1 vanilla is available from:

-- Davej.

o Merge 2.5.2pre9
| Take akpm fix for ext3 over Linus' (Andrew Morton)
o More kdev_t fixes. (Various)
o Remerge acmes bio cleanups from -dj11 (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o Add __copy_to_user_prefetch() (Me)
o Clean up preload_cache() a little. (Me)

o Merge 2.5.2pre7
o Enable alternative PTE routines. (Andrea Arcangeli)
o Reschedule during inode flushes under mem pressure. (Andrea Arcangeli)
o More kdev_t compile fixes. (Andries Brouwer,
Jonathan Corbet,
Luc Van Oostenryck, Me)
o Further include file cleanups. (Me)
o aic7xxx nseg bugfix. (Jens Axboe, Others)
o Fix panic on corrupted reiserfs. (Oleg Drokin)
o Fix reiserfs taildata corruption on mempressure. (Oleg Drokin)
o Fix kreiserfsd sleep timeout thinko. (Oleg Drokin)
o apic.c LVTERR fixes. (Mikael Pettersson)
o Merge correct & updated sg driver. (Doug Gilbert)
o Add NetGear EA201 to ne2k ISAPNP clones. (Chris Rankin)
o Various 53c700 fixes. (James Bottomley)

o Merge up to 2.5.2pre6
| Plus various compile fixes. (Me, Jeff Garzik,
Frank Davis, Martin Dalecki)
o Don't enable APIC on newer Dell laptops. (Mikael Pettersson)
o Add more missing MODULE_LICENSE tags. (Me)
o Report out-of-spec SMP Athlons. (Me)
| Flames to /dev/null
o More fbdev/console clean up. (James Simmons)
o Sync up with latest bootproto. (H. Peter Anvin)
o Reiserfs Sparc alignment fix. (Alexander Zarochentcev)
o Remove some bogus headers left around. (Christoph Hellwig)
o Fix wanrouter build. (Me)
o Various bio surgery on SCSI drivers. (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o Reiserfs getblk cleanups. (Christoph Hellwig)
o make DASD use generic BLKGETSIZE{64} again (Christoph Hellwig)
o Fix devfs & tty breakage. (James Simmons)

o Remove one of the NFS changes. Better fix in mainline. (Me)
o Add switch to enable 486 string copies. (Me)
| 486 users please try this out, and give feedback
| so we can see how broken this actually is.
| It's in the 'kernel hacking' menu.
o JFFS2 corruption fix. (David Woodhouse)
o Bridging CONFIG_INET cleanup. (Lennert Buytenhek)
o Bridging recursion bugfix. (Lennert Buytenhek)
o Fix up port state handling. (Lennert Buytenhek)
o Improved fbdev init. (James Simmons)
o PNPOS simple bootflag fix. (Thomas Hood)
o Drop most of the USB changes on Greg's request.
| Newer versions should appear in -linus soon.
| Some bits still remain, but if I've broke it, blame
| me and not Greg.
o Experimental preload_cache() function. (Me)
o Ugly hack to file_read_actor() to use the above (Me)
| Just playing, this needs more work.

o Merge up to 2.5.2pre4.
| Also fix up a bunch of build errors.
o Add support for Sony DSC-P5 to USB unusual devs. (Gregor Jasny)
o First part of new console locking infrastructure. (James Simmons)
o Cleaner/Lighter fbdev api. (James Simmons,
Geert Uytterhoeven)
o Don't coredump framebuffer contents. (Andrew Morton)
o Fix hang on close of serial tty. (Russell King)
o Remove the set_current_state() patch, needs work. (Me)
o Drop ICH2 addition to ioapic Whitelist. (Me)
o Do the asm/segment.h crapectomy properly. (David Woodhouse)
o Reactivate the PNPBIOS entry.

o Remove leftover EISA cruft in x86 ksyms. (Me)
o Add a missing part of the split visws support. (Me)
o Make reiserfs partitions mountable again. (Al Viro,
Andrew Morton, Me)
o Make x86 math emulation work with dynamic LDT. (Manfred Spraul)
o Fix problems with tdfxfb & high pixelclocks. (Jurriaan)
| Only tested on PCI 4500, feedback to
o Replace text.lock with .subsection (Keith Owens)
o Remove Cyrix SLOP workaround. (Me)
| Can be done in userspace/initramfs.
o Merge pnpbios support. (Thomas Hood)
| Should work, but may be nice to bend into shape
| to fit the new driverfs model at some point.

o Merge 2.5.2pre3
| Drop some of the reiserfs changes. Looks like -dj has
| a more complete set of fixes from 2.4. This is getting
| a little hairy, so handle with care.
o Make rootfs compile. (Me)
o Dynamically grow LDT. (Manfred Spraul)
o Randomness for ext2 generation numbers. (Manfred Spraul)
o Give Manfreds threaded coredump a retry. (Manfred Spraul)
o Add missing ad1848 formats. (Alan Cox)
o Make ide-floppy compile without PROC_FS. (Robert Love)
o generic_serial, rio_linux, serial_tx3912, (Rasmus Andersen)
sh-sci and sx drivers janitor work.
o opl3sa2 Power management support & update. (Zwane Mwaikambo)
| Add Zwane to MAINTAINERS for this too.
o Fix buggy MODINC i2o_config macro. (Andreas Dilger)
o Cyclades driver /proc/ioports oops fix. (Andrew Morton)
| Untested afaik, but looks sane.
| rmmod cyclades.o ; cat /proc/ioports to see if this works.
o SX driver, DCD-HylaFAX problem solved. (Heinz-Ado Arnolds)
o Only look in 1KB of EBDA for MP table. (Zwane Mwaikambo)
| Follows the MP1.4 Spec closer, let me know of any
| SMP problems if any with this change.
o Better fix for the sunrpc 'missing include'. (David Woodhouse)
o Remove bogus <asm/segment.h> includes. (David Woodhouse)
o ps2esdi spinlock typo. (Me)

o Merge 2.5.2pre2
| Includes updated for 2.5 SCSI debug driver. (Douglas Gilbert)
o Merge 2.4.18pre1
o Missing include in sunrpc sched.c (David S. Miller)
o Remove incorrect devinit's from bttv & USB. (Andrew Morton)
o Remove redundant EISA_bus__is_a_macro macro. (Me)
o Split visws support to setup-visws.c (Me)
| Can someone with one of these beasts test this, and maybe
| even *gulp* maintain it ?
o pc110pad spinlock thinko (Peter T. Breuer)
o Fix reiserfs + highmem possible oops. (Oleg Drokin)
o Fix reiserfs fsx breakage. (Oleg Drokin)
o Make IPV6 accept timestamps in response to SYNs. (Alexey Kuznetsov)
o NCR5380_timer_fn needs to be static. (Rasmus Andersen)
o CONFIG_SERIAL_ACPI is IA64 only. (Me)

o Sync up to 2.5.2pre1
o Merge 2.4.17final.
o Gravis ultrasound PnP update (Andrey Panin)

o Merge with 2.4.17-rc2
| Most was already here, more or less just fixes for
| reiserfs & netfilter, and some VM changes.

o Drop Manfreds multithread coredump changes (Me)
| They caused ltp waitpid05 regression on 2.5
| (Same patch is fine for 2.4)
o Intermezzo compile fix. (Chris Wright)
o Fix ymfpci & hisax merge errors. (Me)
o Drop ad1848 sound driver changes in favour of 2.5 (Me)
o Make hpfs work again. (Al Viro)
o Alpha Jensen compile fixes. (Ronald Lembcke)
o Make NCR5380 compile non modularly. (Erik Andersen)

o bio fixes for qlogicfas. (
o Correct x86 CPU helptext. (Me)
o Fix serial.c __ISAPNP__ usage. (Andrey Panin)
o Use better ide-floppy fixes. (Jens Axboe)
o Make NFS 'fsx' proof. (Trond Mykelbust)
| 2 races & 4 bugs, hopefully this is all.
o devfs update (Richard Gooch)
o Backout early CPU init, needs more work. (Me)
| This should fix several strange reports.
o drop new POSIX kill semantics for now (Me)

o Resync with 2.5.1
| drop reiserfs changes. 2.4's look to be more complete.
o Fix potential sysvfs oops. (Christoph Hellwig)
o Loopback driver deadlock fix. (Andrea Arcangeli)
o __devexit cleanups in drivers/net/ (Daniel Chen,
synclink, wdt_pci & via82cxxx_audio John Tapsell)
o updates (Eric S. Raymond)
o Make reiserfs compile again. (Me)
o bio changes for ide floppy (Me)
| handle with care, compiles, but is unfinished.
o Make x86 identify_cpu() happen earlier (Me)
| PPro errata workaround & APIC setup got a little
| cleaner as a result.
o Blink keyboard LEDs on panic (From 2.4.13-ac)
o Change current->state frobbing to set_current_state() (From 2.4.13-ac)
o Add MODULE_LICENSE tags for acpi,md.c,fmvj18x, (From 2.4.13-ac)
atyfb & fbmem.

Dave Jones.
SuSE Labs.
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