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SubjectRe: A modest proposal -- We need a patch penguin
On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 02:50:31AM -0500, Rob Landley wrote:
> On Thursday 31 January 2002 01:37 am, Larry McVoy wrote:
> > That said, I'm sympathetic to the "I make lotso changes and I want to
> > collapse them into one big change" problem. It's certainly technically
> > possible to make BK do that, but then you have to *know* that nobody
> > else has a BK repo with your old detailed changes in it, or if they
> > do, they won't ever try to push them back to you (or Linus or ...).
> No, bitkeeper simply has to know. :)
> Put in a node that says "this change collapses this range of other changes"
> with a range or list of change IDs, and then when you do your next merge with
> another tree, bitkeeper has the info it needs to avoid sucking in dupes. If
> the node says you have that change already, you don't need to suck it in from
> the other tree.
> > It's not an error if they do, it's just that BK will view them as
> > different changes and automerge them right back into the history.
> > So then you'll have both the collapsed version and the detailed version
> > which puts you worse off than when you started.
> Just teach BK that the collapsed version includes everything in the detailed
> version. (Even if that's not technically true, teaching one system to lie to
> another is an important part of programming... :) Linus wanted checkpoint
> functionality to limit backmerges, this seems sort of related-ish.
> (Boundaries on change sets, merging change sets...)
> Is there an implementation reason why this is particularly hard, or some evil
> nasty side effects to such an approach that we should know about?

Can you detect the 'collapsed vs full version' thing, and force it to be
a merge conflict? That, and working LOD support would probably get most
of what I want (until I try the new version and find more stuff I want

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