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SubjectRe: Current Reiserfs Update / 2.5.2-dj7 Oops

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 01:49:31PM +0100, Dave Jones wrote:

> > 2.5.2-dj7 breaks instantly on the first truncate call to reiserfs.
> > I tried to dig up the difference between these 2 kernels but have not found
> > anything that will change that behaviour yet. And resierfs code is identical.
> > But dj7 seems to have a lot of modifications in the mm/* and fs/* stuff
> > compared to 2.5.3
> One possible is that I've goofed whilst merging Andrew Mortons
> "out of disk space during truncate" fixes from 2.4. Andrew, could
> have a quick scan through the fs/ changes in -dj6 and see if anything
> jumps out at you ?
Hm, but I remember dj6 was reported as "working"?

> I'll take a look myself later too, but right now, it's a head-scratcher.
Do you have some place where one can see all separate patches 2.5.2-dj7
consist of?

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