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SubjectRe: A modest proposal -- We need a patch penguin
> How many other people are actually using bitkeeper already for the kernel?
> I know the ppc guys have, for a long time, but who else is? bk, unlike
> CVS, should at least be _able_ to handle a "network of people" kind of
> approach.

I gave up on CVS for internal stuff with the -ac patches. I ended up keeping
a running patch and a complete archive of the submissions. The archive so
I can ensure info gets back and forth neatly.

(tangientially further)

Larry - can bitkeeper easily be persuaded to take "messages" back all the way
to the true originator of a change. Ie if a diff gets to Linus he can reject
a given piece of change and without passing messages back down the chain
ensure they get the reply as to why it was rejected, and even if
nobody filled anything in that it was looked at and rejected by xyz at
time/date ?
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