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SubjectRe: [RFC] x86 ELF bootable kernels/Linux booting Linux/LinuxBIOS
On Wed, 30 Jan 2002 13:19:17 -0800, 
Andrew Morton <> wrote:
>"Eric W. Biederman" wrote:
>> In the short term shutting down devices is trivially handled by
>> umounting filesystems, downing ethernet devices, and calling the
>> reboot notifier chain. Long term I need to call the module_exit
>> routines but they need a little sorting out before I can use them
>> during reboot. In particular calling any module_exit routing that clears
>> pm_power_off is a no-no.
>module_exit() routines for statically-linked drivers often
>don't exist - they're in .text.exit. I guess you can just
>move .text.exit out of the /DISCARD/ section in

Sounds like a generalization of device hot plugging, which has already
solved this problem. Turn on CONFIG_HOTPLUG and module_exit()
functions are in .text instead of .text.exit, no need to fiddle with

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