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SubjectRe: Wanted: Volunteer to code a Patchbot

Hi everyone.

> <deleted>
> That's the problem. I have seen at least two attempted starts on a patchbot
> and know of a third (Dan Quinlan was going to do something 1.5 years ago).
> So at this point I want to step out of this discussion. There is going to
> be no patchbot without a coder to write it, so why spend more time talking
> about it?
> </deleted>
> OK, on a less pessimistic note, I'll make a small effort to find a volunteer
> to code this, under advisement that it will be a thankless task (everybody
> will complain about everything) and may not even get accepted by Linus or
> anyone else (yes, and?). So here it is:
> Wanted: a scripting person who has a clue about MTAs and wants to
> contribute to the kernel. Please step up to the table over here
> and sign in blood, then we will tell you what your mission is.
> Nobody will thank you for any of the work you do or reward you in
> any way, except for the right to bask in the glory and fame of
> being the one who ended the patchbot wars. And maybe, just maybe
> get that coveted Slashdot interview.
> OK. that's it, if somebody bites I'll gladly participate in a design thread,
> otherwise I think this is just going to sleep until the next bi-monthly
> patchbot flameup.

As promised yesterday, a Sourceforge project has been started for a Linux
Kernel Patch Management System (lk-pms). The page is at:

A mailing has been set up for discussion of the development of the
project. We would like to move the discussion off of linux-kernel onto
this new mailing list and begin to formalize the concept and the design.

We (OSDL) are volunteering resources for the development of the project:
developer time, hardware, and bandwidth. We are willing to host it on our
servers, and would like to eventually integrate such a system with our
automated test system (STP). Any and all feedback is welcome, preferably
on the list, though private mail is also welcome.



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