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SubjectRe: A modest proposal -- We need a patch penguin
On January 30, 2002 05:37 am, Alexander Viro wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> > Note who the email is addressed to. I have tried many different techniques
> > for communicating with this gentleman, including self-deprecation, and they
> > all seem to have the same result
> Trying a bit of intellectual honesty would help big way.

I've been entirely straightforward and honest. If I were intellectually
dishonest, I would smile and take the crap from you, as others do But that
is not me as you know, and I suppose that is why you let your venom out.
(And don't say you don't, I have irc logs enough to prove that point.)

By the way, do you think that your constant dissing of me, typically
behind my back, makes people respect you more?

> Realizing that ext2 patches should be sent to ext2 maintainers would help
> even more.
> You've spent _months_ ignoring the idea above. You've tried many different
> techniques for what, exactly? To push that stuff to a guy who is not, was not
> and had never been maintainer of the code in question? Wow.

Linus just called you the ext2 maintainer. If you do not consider yourself
to be the ext2 maintainer, when was the last time you submitted a patch
through Ted?

In any event, a reasonable patch was submitted to Ted:

with zero results one way or the other, probably because Ted, who hadn't
been seen on the ext2-devel list for some time at that point, was up to his
ears in something else. A version of the patch was forwarded to you at
that time, and you also subscribe to ext2-devel, so you knew the whole
store, including the fact that Andrew had signed of on it:

Now, you could say that at this point the ball was in my/Ted's court, and
you'd be right, except for the fact that there was yet another go around on
it, just before 2.5 opened, when Alan for some reason wanted to wait for 2.5
to open, and again just after 2.5 opened, when I offered the patch again and
you refused it because you planned to obsolete it.

I found the whole story fairly distasteful, and even so, I would have
forgotten about it if Villa Herva had not noticed that I was being jerked
around, and brought it to the attention of the community. By the way, I
had nothing to do with this, I'd never heard of him before he made his

A similar story was played out with the fs.h cleanups. I'm unhappy with
the way you handled that, as well.

> And yes, it had been told to you from the very beginning. tytso, sct and akpm
> are the right guys for such stuff. It's their code, they do maintain it
> and I think in all cases I've sent ext2 patches it was only after ACK from
> ext2 folks.
> If it took you a fscking year to realize that, despite having it explained to
> you in details... Don't you feel yourself an idiot?

No I do not, and it is precisely that kind of remark that makes you hard
or impossible to get along with.

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