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SubjectRe: 2.4.18-pre7 slow ... apm problem
> On Sun, 27 Jan 2002, Stephan von Krawczynski wrote:
> > > 1) keyboard rate is a bit slow on 2.4.18-pre7 compared to
> > What _exactly_ does this mean? Can you elaborate more on your
setup and
> > your problem?
> Sorry, just got off a long flight from San Diego to Singapore.
> slow ... means that even without vmware, if I just hit return, the
> would scroll for about every 10 lines and there'll be a litte pause
> sec). With pre6, there's no such behavior, and if
> not set, the "pause" goes away.

Ok, I cannot see this one, I have no APM enabled on my boxes. Sorry.

> > > 2) On vmware 3.0, ping localhost is very slow. 2.4.18-pre6 has
> > such problem.
> > 1) linux with vmware and guest system linux
> "host" system is linux. "guest" system is linux (actually, I tried
with NT
> as well, same problem).
> The sympton is when I try to ping the "host" from vmware's "guest"
> the first response came back to the guest's console. Then if I don't
> anything or don't move the mouse on the guest's console, I won't see
> further response on the guest's linux console. Even with a lot of
> movement or pressing the keys, the response is still very slow with

This is interesting.
I have not set up a guest linux yet, but I experienced a problem with
Win98 guest which may sound related:
I start the guest win98 and try to open a dos-window. The window opens
but no output is presented (no prompt, no nothing) and guest system
somehow "hangs". Sometimes (rarely) I can make it work again by
hitting keys on the keyboard. The effect started off as window coming
up with prompt, I tried to ping the host system, and the first packet
was somehow slow, but then everything was ok. On the next guest boot,
some output appeared at the dosbox, but the prompt was delayed. Now I
get no prompt no matter what I try.
Host system is 2.4.18-pre7.
Vmware was installed from scratch, win98 guest was installed from
scratch with no additions whatsoever.
ping from host to guest works flawlessly.

> If I ping from the "host" linux console to the "guest" linux system,
> responses came back, and does not hang. I'll double check this last
> Got to recompile the kernel again.

As I never saw this with vmware 2 (even not on 2.4.18-pre7) I would
say version 3 has a real problem somewhere.


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