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SubjectRe: I've stopped the 'Spurious interrupts on IRQ7'
On 28 January 2002 06:37, Alex Davis wrote:
> I added the following line to /etc/lilo.conf
> append = "parport=0x378,7"
> and re-ran lilo. I also noticed that the 'ERR' field in
> /proc/interrupts stays at 0, whereas before the mod it
> was increasing.

Do you have a printer? Try to boot while it is powered off.
WHAT is generating irq 7 now?

It is documented that interrupt controller will report irq 7 if it sees irq
but cannot determine what device sends it. That's exactly what's happening
when you see "spurious int" message.

You made kernel believe it's from printer. That does not cure the real
problem. BTW, there's not much of a problem, kernel just ignores spurious
interrupts. It _is_ a problem if you see 'ERR' number rapidly increasing.
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