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    SubjectRe: question about sparc 64-bit user land
    Felix von Leitner wrote:
    > My understanding is that there is no 64-bit user land support for
    > UltraSPARC, although the kernel runs in 64-bit mode. Is that correct?
    > If yes: why is that (still) so?

    sparc64 has an in-kernel thunk layer that lets it run sparc32 binaries,
    and a sparc32 userland.

    Presumeably the standard benefits apply for 32 over 64 bits, such as
    lower I-cache usage and smaller programs overall. Though most
    Linux/Unix applications seem to work ok on 64-bit, (a) some don't and
    (b) few apps actually take good advantage of 64-bit machine int and
    address space.

    Of course, all that said, coming from an Alpha AXP background I prefer
    64-bit userland ;-)


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