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SubjectRe: [patch] amd athlon cooling on kt266/266a chipset
On 25 Jan 2002, Ed Sweetman wrote:
> I was getting at this earlier. Though the Athlon XP's are much better
> power-wise than the earlier athlon's. I wouldn't suggest doing it to
> any athlon under XP. But then again, the XP is supposed to have

I reckon a >1600MHz XP (1800+) has about the same or more power than the
1400MHz T-bird. So it should basically be the same regarding the

> something similar to clock stepping to gradually move from full power to
> lower power, which decreases mechanical stress and psu stress. I

I guess this is the PowerNOW! feature of the mobile Athlons/Durons with
the Palomino core. I think this is totaly different than STPGNT. And this
would be worth implementing if it can be supported on desktop Athlon/Duron

Anybody has more info about this?

> remember when the same concerns were brought over the HLT idle trick but
> obviously the HLT instruction isn't harmful enough. Would be nice to
> look at the latencies with say, Robert Love's preempt stat patch of a
> kernel running with no power management, then with HLT, then with the
> vcl patch.

True. Although an tv tunner card output on screen tells the tale pretty
well :-)

> Nice rule of thumb though. If your cpu _ever_ gets into the 50C range
> your case and or hsf is not efficient enough for your hardware. Anything
> above 50 and you're shortening the life of the cpu. Relying on idle
> tricks isn't going to help you.

I hope everybody could see it this way.


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