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Not sure if this is the right list to ask this question....

While I was trying to evaluate what is the best method to get the data from
Kernel-Space to User-Space and vice-versa I found that two techniques are

-Netlink Sockets

I would like to know which one would be used in what situation?
Is there a (buffer, message)data size limit for the those two?

Seems that if one wants to get data from the kernel which is triggered by
some interupt IOCTL cannot be used as IOCTL is invoked from the User-Space
while netlink socket can listen for the kernel event to take place and then
simply read from the socket. Correct?

The other issue is that user-space part of Netlink socket is trivial to use
while kernel part is nightmare. So I would appreciate any help if someone
can send me sample module that both sends and receives "Hello" message
to/from the Netlink Socket


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