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    SubjectRe: [patch] amd athlon cooling on kt266/266a chipset
    On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Timothy Covell wrote:
    > 1. According to AMD specs, the model 3 Duron's don't
    > use more that 40 Watts maximum.
    > 2. With my Duron 800 on a KT133A chipset
    > running folding@home and seti@home
    > continuously, LM sensors reports:
    > SYS Temp: +45.2°C
    > CPU Temp: +35.1°C
    > SBr Temp: +25.8°C
    > So, I see absolutely no cause for alarm, nor even a need for
    > lvcool (esp. not when running seti@home). And I certainly
    > haven't seen any Athlon PSE/AGP lockups. So, are you all
    > overclockng your systems to an incredible amount (again,
    > that's something that seems really stupid to me since the
    > $$ difference between 1GHz and 800MHz is not worth the
    > potential damage; and the duron is up to 1.3GHz now....)

    ok ... here so,e arguments why you could use this power-saving-patch:

    1. my cpu is a xp 1600+ ... it is designed for around 56W power
    consumption (as far as i know). his temperature is around 47°C under load.
    and without the patch this temperatur and power consumptions is by no way
    lesser, when he is idle. with the patch the temperature drops by around 10
    °C and for the first time i noticed, that i have 2 temperature controlled
    fans (cpu and psu fan) in my case. now he isnice quiet when there is no
    realy load on it, and he only sounds like a hairdrier when he gets realy
    somthing to do (ok ... when you have seti running all the time, the patch
    would not make any difference in poer consumption or temperature ... cause
    the mashine is under load all the time)

    2. power safing is a realy good idea generally !

    3. that the amd cpu saves no power before u have activated this
    bus-disconnect-function is a bug :) (as far as i know)

    oh ... by the way: i have not overclocked my computer ... i only want to
    save a little bit of power, when my computer has nothing realy to do (only
    surfing, mailing, programming) and i am glad that i now could have some
    benefits from temperatur controlled fans (the noise level is much lesser


    # Daniel Nofftz
    # Sysadmin CIP-Pool Informatik
    # University of Trier(Germany), Room V 103
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