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SubjectRe: Athlon PSE/AGP Bug
On Tue, 2002-01-22 at 09:12, Halpaap, Mark (CETA) wrote:
> Hi,
> after applying mem=nopentium as a boot parameter
> I've been able to play tuxracer _for the first time_.
> Prior to this any OpenGL application deepfroze
> the system after 10-20 secs.
> Tried some other Loki-Demos, they run just fine
> now.
> I do _not_ have an NVidia card, it's a Matrox G450.
> I wasn't able to use OpenGL on both Athlon-systems
> I used (was Athlon 600 w/ G400, is a Thunderbird 1333
> w/ G450 now), been trying it ever since XFree86 4.0 and
> with (almost) any kernel that was released since then
> (It's 2.4.16-pre1 right now).
> So whatever the deeper reason, there _is_ something
> fishy that this workaround seems to fix and it seems
> not to be tied to NVidia drivers.
> Mark.

I've had two different kinds of athlon's (K7-2 and Tbird 1.33Ghz) with
V3 agp and Matrox G450 agp but both of the times it was on Abit
motherboards and I have never ever experienced these problems. I have
agpgart enabled and X set to use agp4x on my G450 and still no problems
at all with GL apps. I've used different kernels (mostly dev) and been
using X 3.x to cvs on them. No GL problems ever related to a boot

I dont deny the existance of the "bug" in linux but it's just strange
how a cpu bug is turning up with some people and not others. Perhaps
only some chips from all the batches are affected? whatever the case
tuxracer works perfectly here.

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