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SubjectRe: CML2-2.1.3 is available
Keith Owens wrote:

> All the make *config entries generate include/linux/autoconf.h, it is
> the C representation of .config. Some people may think that autoconf.h
> is created by make autoconfig when it is really created by all *config
> steps.

I know.

My question: where do you find

autoconf autoconfigure: symlinks
$(SHELL_SCRIPT) script/...

This can cause confution, but I don't find ut in the sources.

BTW: I used 'make autoprobe' because of possible confutions, in

latter version. Now Eric will use both 'make autoconfig' and
'make autoprobe'.
The choice of name now is on Eric hands. Important is that
*users* doesn't confuse it.


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