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    SubjectRe: Athlon PSE/AGP Bug
    athlon XP 1800 is a cpuid 622 (aka an A5)

    doesn't have this bug, according to AMD tech docs.

    at least my 2 XP 1800+s are 622, so I assume all are (could be wrong)

    On Mon, 2002-01-21 at 19:36, Steve Brueggeman wrote:
    > Actually, this one hit home this weekend.
    > I bought a new computer at a computer fair.
    > ECS K7S5A Motherboard
    > 1.8Ghz (1.5actually) Athelon XP
    > 3DForce2-MX
    > 256MB DDR SDRAM PC-2100
    > AHA2940UW SCSI Controller
    > Compaq CDROM (reused from other upgraded system)
    > Spent all of Saturday trying to install Mandrake Linux 8.1 with random crashes,
    > segfaults, IDE-Timeouts. Figuring this to be a memory problem, I ran memtest86
    > for 4 hours without any errors. Was getting late, and said screw-it and went to
    > bed.
    > Sunday, set the memory and CPU both to 100Mhz, still have problems. so I set
    > both back to 133Mhz. Booted kernel 2.2.19 from 2nd CD in Mandrake set, and had
    > better luck. Got it installed after 3 restarts. Figuring this was somehow
    > related to APM or ACPI, I compiled a standard Marcello kernel 2.4.17, but could
    > not make it through a whole compile without segfaults. I'd just restart the
    > compile, letting make skip past the stuff that was already compiled. Got an
    > average of 3-4 segfaults on compile run, and I tried about 5 runs.
    > Boot to linux-2.4.17 with APM and ACPI disabled, and only stuff in my system
    > enabled, and no Frame Buffer, still get segfaults when compiling kernel.
    > Then by sheer luck, while doing my normal check of, the top
    > article mentioned this Athelon bug. I figure, "Hey, this sounds somewhat
    > familar", so I reboot with mem=nopentium as they suggested.
    > I've compiled the linux-2.4.17 about 10 times now, without a single segfault.
    > So, add me to the "Yes I've got this problem" list, and Yes, it appears to be
    > related to Nvidia AGP boards.
    > I've been running a 1Ghz Thunderbird for about a year now, with 2 different ATI
    > boards without any problems. I'll try swapping the ATI and Nvidia display
    > adapters and see if it follows.
    > Steve Brueggeman
    > On Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:17:10 -0800, you wrote:
    > >Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
    > >>
    > >> ...
    > >>
    > >> I think this is a very very minor issue, I doubt anybody ever triggered
    > >> it in real life with linux.
    > >
    > >It is said that the crashes cease when the `nopentium' option
    > >is used, so it does appear that something is up.
    > >
    > >I does seem that the nVidia driver is usually involved.
    > >
    > >> And Gentoo is shipping a kernel with preempt and rmaps included, so it
    > >> can crash anytime anyways, no matter how good the cpu is, so if they
    > >> got crashes with such a kernel (maybe even with nvidia driver) that's
    > >> normal. I was speaking today with a trusted party doing vm benchmarking
    > >> and rmap crashes the kernel reproducibly under a stright calloc while
    > >> swapping heavily, so clearly the implementation is still broken.
    > >
    > >-rmap is still young. I did some heavy stress testing on it a couple
    > >of days ago and it was rock-solid, and performed well.
    > >
    > >> preempt additionally will mess up all the locking into the nvidia driver as
    > >> well. so if the combination of the two runs for some time without any
    > >> lockup that's pure luck IMHO.
    > >
    > >Yup. But don't forget about the `nopentium' observations.
    > >
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