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    SubjectRe: via-rhine timeouts
    On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Justin A wrote:

    > I've been getting many errors due to timeouts, everything was fine while
    > I was at home, but here at school it's a major problem:

    You did get them at home too? (with the same (type of) hardware?)

    > Jan 22 18:10:34 bouncybouncy kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit
    > timed out
    > Jan 22 18:10:34 bouncybouncy kernel: eth0: Transmit timed out, status
    > 0000, PHY
    > status 782d, resetting...
    > Jan 22 18:10:34 bouncybouncy kernel: eth0: reset did not complete in 10
    > ms.
    > once it complains about that, it stops working until I reboot.

    10ms is a very long time. Normally the hardware resets a lot faster than
    that, and when it doesn't I suspect it is in some really bad state.

    You are not the first to report this. And it is a message that could be
    caused by a lot of things, I guess.

    But I have finally managed to get these timeouts to happen on my VT6102
    too (using an evil combination of running a remote Internet Explorer over
    VNC). I have planned to examine it, but I probably won't get around to
    that for at least a couple of weeks.

    Some ideas you could try:
    + The via-rhine driver at
    (the one in the kernel is almost the same as this one)
    + Move the card to another slot (remove/re-arrange other cards in the box)
    + Since it appears to be load related, perhaps it can be hidden by slowing
    things down (eg add a small udelay() to via_rhine_start_tx)

    (or you could try to figure out what the driver is doing when these
    things happen.)


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