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SubjectRe: Athlon PSE/AGP Bug
Steve Brueggeman <> writes:

> Forgot to mention, I got the segfaults compiling kernels while running
> linux-2.4.17, I was in console, and did not have Frame Buffer, or drm drivers
> loaded. I did have the SiS AGP compiled into the kernel though.

On my new system at home, I got similar segfaults. Running memtest86
revealed that one of the RAM modules had a problem--and if I swapped
them, the BIOS startup code wouldn't even expand the actual BIOS code
every other system boot. After removing the offending RAM module (and
later replacing it) the problems were completely gone and haven't
returned yet...

Fortunately, I didn't know of the PSE/AGP bug back then. This made
debugging much, much easier. ;-)

Florian Weimer Weimer@CERT.Uni-Stuttgart.DE
University of Stuttgart http://CERT.Uni-Stuttgart.DE/people/fw/
RUS-CERT +49-711-685-5973/fax +49-711-685-5898
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