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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.4.17 pthread support for SEM_UNDO in semop()
In article <> you wrote:
> +/* Each PROCESS (i.e. collection of tasks that are running POSIX style threads)
> + * must share the same semundo list, in order to support POSIX SEMUNDO
> + * semantics for threads. The sem_undohd controls shared access to this
> + * list among all the tasks (threads) in that process.

Just because pthreads exist the Linux notation of process doesn't
change. Could you please change that comment to talk about thread

> +/* For now, assume that if ALL clone flags are set, then
> + * we must be creating a POSIX thread, and we want undo lists
> + * to be shared among all the threads in that thread group.
> + *
> + * See the notes above unlock_semundo() regarding the spin_lock_init()
> + * in this code. Initialize the undohd->lock here instead of get_undohd()
> + * because of the reasoning in the note referenced here.
> + */

That's junk. Define a new CLONE_SYSVIPC flags instead of overloading a
collection (!) of old flags.


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