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SubjectRe: something about ext2 file system
On Jan 22, 2002  09:06 -0500, Michael Zhu wrote:
> 1.How the directory and file name information are
> stored on the disk? I mean is there a range of blocks
> set at disk format or intialize time for this kind of
> information?

Like most Unix filesystems, directories are just a special form of
a file, so they are stored in data blocks. See the structure
ext2_dir_entry_2 in linux/include/ext2_fs.h for more info on the
exact layout on disk.

> 2.I know in ext2 the whole disk is made up of the boot
> block and some block groups. Each block groups
> contains super block,group descriptors,data block
> bitmap,inode bitmap,inode table and data blocks. The
> directory and file name information are stored in
> which part? In the data blocks?

As above - directories are
> 3.Are file names and other metadata put into the same
> range of blocks?

No. Only the filename and inode number are in the directory, along
with some data about the length of the directory entry.

> 4.Where can I find some detail information about ext2
> fiel system?

There are several papers which describe the structure of ext2
available on the internet. One is probably available from

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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