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SubjectRe: Calling EISA experts
Paul Gortmaker wrote:
> Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> > Bingo. I've got reliable /proc tests for ISAPNP, PCI, and MCA. Previous
> > discussion indicates I can't get one for ISA classic. An EISA test would,
> > as ever, allow me to cut the number of questions about ancient dead
> > hardware that users have to see.
> Minimal approach: Register motherboard EISA ID (i.e. slot zero) ports in
> /proc/ioports. Works on all kernel versions. See $0.02 patch below.
> This is probably the least intrusive way to get what you want. It doesn't
> add Yet Another Proc File, and costs zero bloat to the 99.9% of us who
> have a better chance of meeting Aunt Tillie than an EISA box.
> Possible alternative: Create something like /proc/bus/eisa/devices which
> lists the EISA ID (e.g. abc0123) found in each EISA slot. This might
> have been worthwhile some 8 years ago, but now? ....

Actually, "lsescd" should list the EISA (and ISAPNP) configuration data,
which includes EISA id, etc.


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