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Subject2.4.17 OOPS in tty code.
Hello All,

Tty device code causes oopses when closing /dev/console and devfs is used.
The bug is reproducible on 2.4.17 UML port. The uml arch code however does
not seem involved. The problem is, that the tty flip buffer flushing task
somehow remains in the tq_timer task queue when the tty struct is freed.
When the device is subsequently reopened (or the memory allocated for other
purpose), run_task_queue OOPSes when it comes acros the entry, that has
it's pointers overwriten.

The bug is regularly triggered in shutdown process (init seems to
close and reopen /dev/console).

As it's the user-mode port, I don't have standart OOPS message, but I am
willing to provide any backtraces and logs you request.

- Jan Hudec <>
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