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Subjectpreemption and pccard ?

I have a problem running kernel 2.4.17 patched with

First I must say that I run 2.4.17 + international patches (crypto fs)
and freeswan. I know I should test with just preempt to see what happens,
but I have to find time ... and 2.4.17+crypto+freeswan works correctly.

the story:
I patched in this order:
The symptom is: only slot 00 of pccard works. inserting a card in slot 01
does nothing although yenta_socket reports 2 slots found in /var/log/messages
(I see no difference in logs between working kernel and broken one).

Now I am using a kernel patched in this order:
2.4.17+crypto+freeswan and both slots (00 and 01) behave correctly.

Hardware is dell latitude C600 (with apm problem on standard kernel by the way ...)

Does anyone see some light there ?
Could the symptom really be linked to preempt patch ?
I'd love to see if preempt really is interesting on a laptop ...
If it does interest someone, I could test just 2.4.17+preempt just to see ...


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