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SubjectRe: Would anyone be willing to host a second site?
On Sat, 19 Jan 2002, Larry McVoy wrote:
>> Anyone have any ideas of some organization who would be willing to
>> host a second server? Such an organization should expect
>> around 25 Mbit/s sustained traffic, and up to 40-100 Mbit/s peak
>> traffic (this one can be adjusted to fit the available resources.)
>We've priced this lately and I think the cheapest you are looking at is
>around $6500/month for a 25Mbit connection. That's not a huge amount of
>money but it's enough that it shows up on people's radar screens as a line
>item, it's $80K/year, so there would have to be some justification.

Yep. I still laugh at those who say "bandwidth is free." They've obviously
never bought anything from UUNet. At any rate, a full DS3 (45mbps) will
run between 7k and 20k USD per _month_. Last time I checked,
didn't have the funds for 7k/year much less per month.

Server colocation is a far cheaper solution, but then they have the
same problems they have now... limited access to the hardware when something
goes wrong (and it always does.)


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