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SubjectRe: [PATCH] AGP update for i820 and i860 chipsets
Daniele Venzano wrote:

> This patch fixes the ID for i860 chipset and adds support for the UP
> version of i820 AGP bridge. I made it against kernel 2.4.17. It compiles
> and works both builin or as a module.
> It was submitted long ago by Nicolas Aspert and works well for
> me, I'm running XFree with DRI and AGP 4x without problems.
> This is my first patch, so there could be problems, however you could
> find it also at:
> Best regards.

Hello Daniele

In fact, the patch you sent went into 2.4.18-pre2, along with my 830MP
stuff (which missed the suspend/resume), so it should be OK in the next

I am now doing the corrective patch for the suspend/resume stuff.

Best regards

Nicolas Aspert Signal Processing Laboratory (LTS)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)
Office: ELE 237
Phone: +41 - 21 - 693 36 32 (LTS Office)
Fax: +41 - 21 - 693 76 00 Web:

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