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SubjectRe: rm-ing files with open file descriptors
On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 05:18:57AM +0100, Andreas Bombe wrote:
> Whether that was an intended or accidental feature only someone with
> more insight into Unix history can answer. It's that feature that lets
> us do live upgrades of distributions without rebooting (executables and
> libraries can be replaced without affecting the currently running
> processes), at the very least much easier than it would be without this
> behaviour.

I remember that previous debian release come with a patched kernel to
allow live upgrade. It was explained in the FAQ that the patch was
required for this purpose.

7.2 Debian claims to be able to update a running program;
how is this accomplished?

The debian FAQ has been updated because now debian uses a pristine

What was in this patch?


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