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SubjectRe: rm-ing files with open file descriptors
> > Well no. new_fd will refer to a completely new, empty file
> > which has no relation to the old file at all.
> >
> > There is no way to recreate a file with a nlink count of 0,
> > well that is until someone adds flink(fd, newpath) to the kernel.
> >
> This *might* work:
> link("/proc/self/fd/40", newpath);

cat /proc/<id>/fd/<nr> > whatever
actually works.

"Even Better(tm)" would be if
ln /proc/<id>/fd/<nr> whatever
ln <Inode> whatever (lsof delivers the needed Inode-nr)
would work.

Otherwise you have a problem to recover files when you have insufficent
disc space. Imagine a file that is 1GB in size and you have 512MB left
on the hdd. Currently i don't see a chance to recover such a file
without problems.

Bis denn

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