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SubjectRe: clarification about redhat and vm
Alan Cox wrote:
> > "If redhat doesn't use the -aa VM " was a short form of "if redhat
> > cannot see the goodness of all the bugfixing work that happened between
> > the 2.4.9 VM and any current branch 2.4, and so if they keep shipping
> > 2.4.9 VM as the best one for DBMS and critical VM apps like the SAP
> > benchmark".
> The RH VM is totally unrelated to the crap in 2.4.9 vanilla. The SAP comment
> begs a question. 2.4.10 seems to have problems remembering to actually
> do fsync()'s. How much of your SAP benchmark is from fsync's that dont
> happen ? Do you get the same values with 2.4.18-aa ?

Well, basically we checked the thing many times with quite different
Our current tests - which show exactly the same results as
2.4.[10,14,15] - run
on the new "official" SuSE kernel 2.4.16. Again, we observe a
performance increase
in high swap situations of about a factor of ten compared to 2.4.[7,9].

IMO, this shows that errors like fsync etc. are _not_ responsible for
the improved

But of course, we will check the newer kernels as well. I think we
could live
with another factor of ten ...

Best regards

Willi Nuesser
SAP Linuxlab
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