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SubjectRe: [STATUS 2.5] January 17, 2001
Alan Cox wrote:

>>Have you heard anything about when Linus intends to code freeze? In my
>>planning I am assuming Sept. 30 is way earlier than 2.6 would ship. I
>>remember how long 2.4 took, and I simply assume 2.6 will be the same.
>> At any rate, there is no way we'll be done earlier than September: it
>>is a deep rewrite. Code looks so much better than the old code...., but
>>it is completely new code.
>If Linus says september freezes in september and ships for christmas I will
>be most suprised. If he says september freezes the may after and ships the
>december after that I'd count it normal
>Personally I'd really like to see the block I/O stuff straightened out. The
>neccessary VM bits done, device driver updates and a September freeze. I
>think it can be done, and I think the resulting kernel will be way way
>better for people with 1Gb+ of RAM, so much better that its worth making a
>clear release at that point.
Let us encourage him to give us some warning, like 60 days of warning.
Let us also encourage him to code freeze VM and VFS first not last (I
think he agrees with this fortunately). I am not going to say anything
about when I would like that freeze to hit, except that we won't be
ready before September/October because I am finally able to take the
time to do things right in the design and so I will. If he freezes in
~September, we'll have an experimental Reiser4 for him. Or so I fondly
hope and vaporize.;-)

What about the zero-copy stuff I keep hearing rumors about? How ready
to go is it? We want ReiserFS to be well-integrated with it if possible.


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