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SubjectRe: CML2-2.1.3 is available (David Lang)  wrote on 16.01.02 in <>:

> Eric, the way you worded the change report it sounded to many of us as if
> you were making the autoprober mandatory for detecting the root
> filesystem.

> I understand why you are frustrated with the response, but it's not a case
> of people having thick skulls it's a case of you leaving out critical info
> from you changelog so people reading it without your mindset see it saying
> something that you didn't mean.

I agree that a different wording might have avoided this.

But I also must say that paying even a little bit of attention on the part
of the readers would also have avoided this.

It is certainly not the first time the autoconfigurator has been discussed
here, and it was made clear *every* *single* *time* that this is an
optional thing, usually several times.

This is not a case of witholding "critical info". This is a case of
readers without any attention span.

On a mailing list such as this, the number of such readers is highly
disappointing. It feels just like Windows.

In fact, I am beginning to suspect that some people protest something they
full well *know* is not the case, just to stir up trouble.

MfG Kai
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