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SubjectRe: VIA KT133 & HPT 370 IDE disk corruption
Jani Forssell wrote:
> We first reported disk corruption with a VIA KT133A based board (Abit KT7A)
> ...
> It turned out that the main culprit was the NIC that was attached to PCI
> slot
> 4. Moving it to slot 3 resolved the disk corruption as well as the oopses
> that
> occured. Other PCI slots to avoid for the NIC were 5 and 6. Slot 4 & 6
> shares
> an IRQ with the VIA USB controller, but I did try disabling it from the BIOS
> but it didn't help (lspci didn't show the device after it had been
> disabled).
> Slot 5 shares and IRQ with the Highpoint controller.
> Finally, we tested that it works with an Adaptec 2940UW SCSI card in PCI
> slot
> 1 and the NIC in PCI slot 3.
> More details on request. Does anyone have any idea what causes this?

My BP6's [hpt366] had similar sustained I/O lockup issues, especially
when running a RAID stripe. From the v1.01 BP6 manual:
PCI slots 4 and 5 use the same bus master control signal.

PCI slot 3 shares IRQ signals with the HPT366 IDE controller
(Ultra ATA/66). The driver for the HPT 366 IDE controller
supports IRQ sharing with other PCI devices. But if you
install a PCI card that doesn t allow IRQ sharing with other
devices into PCI slot 3, you may encounter some problems.
Furthermore, if your Operating System doesn t allow peripheral
devices to share IRQ signals with each other--Windows NT for
example, you can t install a PCI card into PCI slot 3.

Of course, I didn't read this until much later.

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