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SubjectRe: [Bonding-devel] Re: Weird bonding driver and tulip quad-card interaction on 2.4.17
On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 02:20:36PM -0800, Peter C. Norton wrote:
> As a follow-up, Chad T. on the bonding list pointed out to me that there is
> no Media flag normally output by ifconfig. This would lead me to believe
> that somehow the bonding driver is perhaps overwriting the MAC address in my
> case. How can this have happened? Why is it only on this system?
It *is* printed:
From lib/interface.c (net-tools 1.60):

if (hw->print != NULL && (! (hw_null_address(hw, ptr->hwaddr) &&
printf(_("HWaddr %s "), hw->print(ptr->hwaddr));
if (ptr->flags & IFF_PORTSEL) {
printf(_("Media:%s"), if_port_text[ptr->map.port][0]);
if (ptr->flags & IFF_AUTOMEDIA)

So, something has set IFF_PORTSEL, and ptr->map.port is not within bounds.
Or you have a kernel which does not support IFF_PORTSEL, but something
else is using ptr->flags with different values...

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